1. What is Afripedia?

Afripedia is a platform that aims to change the narrative within the global creative community by highlighting talent of African descent. A curated database where African creatives worldwide can connect with each other and clients. Creating collaborations, opportunities, and relatable role models to inspire the next generation of creatives.

2. How do I sign-up for Afripedia?

To join Afripedia you can sign up as a creative. Once you have filled in the required details your account will be registered. Complete your bio and upload a minimum of three of your strongest projects to be sent for verification. When accepted by our Afripedia editors, your portfolio will be made visible to other creatives on the platform and you will be given full access to the content on the platform, allowing you to connect with verified creatives.

Join Afripedia here

3. Who can sign up as a creative member?

We welcome submissions from creatives of African descent worldwide.

4. Who decides which creative members get verified?

The verification process is handled by Afripedia’s editorial team who works to ensure that submissions are thoroughly revised.

5. What are the criteria for verification on the platform?

We put an immense amount of effort into the verification process to maintain the high standard and artistic integrity of Afripedia. We receive an overwhelming number of submissions and reviewing them takes time.

As you can imagine we are not able to select everyone who applies. Quality and experience are in high demand and therefore we can only feature applicants who meet those demands.If you were to be denied verification on your initial submission – don’t give up. Update your submission work and try again. Remember no is the first step towards yes.

6. What are the benefits of having a creative account on Afripedia?

• You will be a part of a carefully curated database of top African creatives worldwide.

• Your work will be accessible and highlighted. Which leads to collaborations with other creatives on the platform and business opportunities on a global scale.

• We promote the work contained in our creative talent database on a global scale. And work to ensure that the creatives on our platform are connected with the top companies in the creative industry. In return we provide companies access to top African creatives worldwide.

• By joining Afripedia you will get free access to search and connect with vetted creatives on the platform.

• Be inspired and an inspiration for others – especially the next generation of creatives. Be a part of changing the narrative within the global creative community.

7. What creative genres are currently featured on the Afripedia platform?

The creative genres that are currently featured on Afripedia are: directors, photographers, stylists, illustrators, graphic designers, motion designers, art directors, animators, cinematographers, film editors, creative directors, hair stylists, make-up artists, costume designers & comic artist.

But the rooster is ever expanding and we continuously update with new genres.

8. Who is responsible for updating my creative profile?

You are responsible for keeping your profile updated with new work. If any questions were to arise during the process please feel free to contact us at We’re always happy to help.

9. Does Afripedia make sure that everyone involved is credited in the portfolios?

Being creatives ourselves, we understand the importance of recognition and to always give credit where credit’s due. We urge the creatives on Afripedia to highlight everyone involved and explain their roles in a project when displaying work in a portfolio.

10. Do you represent the creative talent on the platform?

Afripedia is not a management, nor do we represent the talent on the platform. We promote the work of top creatives of African descent worldwide. And work to ensure that the talent on our platform are connected with each other and clients in the creative industry.

11. Who can I contact if I need support with my account?

We are always here to help. Please feel free to reach out to

12. How do I get involved with your team?

We are always interested in connecting with new talent. If you are interested in being part of the journey, please send your CV to

13. What’s the story behind Afripedia?

Afripedia started out as 5-part documentary series showcasing emerging creatives from major cities across Africa. The work of the featured artists was not only intriguing but challenged stereotypes to change preconceptions of what it means to be African today. The series was released in 2014 and has been screened at over 70 film festivals worldwide since its release date.

While producing the Afripedia series, filmmakers and Co-founders Teddy Goitom and Senay Berhe connected with talent across the African continent and saw a major market was underrepresented in the current creative industry.

This is where the light bulb went off – an idea that would disrupt the whole creative industry. The world’s first database with talent of African descent. Afripedia has expanded beyond a docuseries to become an online movement where creatives of African descent can connect with one another, share their work and soon be sought after for hire by major global companies. Teddy and Senay spent two years developing Afripedia in New York at New Museum’s tech lead incubator program New Inc.

The dream of changing the narrative within the creative community is gradually becoming reality.

14. Why isn't my question answered here?

Because you haven’t asked it yet! Please do, and we’ll include it on the list. Email us at